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Name:Hope Estheim

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14-year-olds can totally drive, aaaaaauuuughhh, annoying name puns, being bitchslapped by vanille, blaming and scapegoating, count on it, dammit i'm not short, don't just stand there!, don't say his name, driving giant robots, everybody hates me, failing at confrontation, flippy knives, fus ro dah'ing snow, get off me, getting tough, gimme a chocobo-back ride, hope and despair, huh?, i did it!!, i don't stutter dammit, i hate my dad, i love you dad, i want bacon, i'm not a castle, i'm not thirsty, just leave me alone, keep smiling ok?, l'cie aren't human, moms are tough, moooom!!!, motivational speaking, nobody likes me, now we're even, oops i crashed, operation nora!, pulls boomerang from butt, pulse=hell on earth, puppy hair everywhere :(, sexy ten years later, snow deserves it, sorry i'm messed up, stop chewing my shoes, tacky hot topic straps, talking puppy dogs, teen angst, waaaaaaaah, what's wrong with you, whiny momma's boy, why'd you save me, yay piggyback rides!
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